Tsing Ma Bridge

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Massively imposing by day and a twinkling span of lights by night, the Tsing Ma Bridge is an engineering marvel that links Lantau Island to the rest of Hong Kong. The 2.16km bridge was opened to traffic in 1997 as part of key infrastructure serving the new airport on Lantau Island, and has since become a local sightseeing favourite. As the longest suspension bridge with both rail and road traffic in the world, the Tsing Ma Bridge got its name from the areas at both of its ends: Tsing Yi and Ma Wan. In the case of a particularly severe typhoon hitting Hong Kong and shutting down the bridge’s six lanes, the two railway lines and two road lanes enclosed below it can still operate and transfer passengers and their luggage to and from the airport. Visitors should head to the Lantau Link View Point and Visitors Centre located on the small island of Tsing Yi for the best views. Vitals: Height: 206 metres Span: 1.37 kilometres (main span); 2.16 kilometres (total length) Shipping clearance: 62 metres Length of wire in suspension cables: 160,000 kilometres Weight of structural steel: 49,000 tonnes.



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