velasca tower

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Velasca Tower is a skyscraper in Milan, located in the homonymous square, south of the Cathedral. The name, derived from the former name, is linked to the Spanish governor Juan Fernández de Velasco, who was dedicated to the square in the seventeenth century. The tower stands out in the panorama of the city, which has become one of the best known symbols. Due to its historical and artistic interest, in 2011 the Superintendence for Cultural Heritage has submitted a bond of culture.
It was designed by Studio BBPR [4] Rice on behalf of the company, with the cooperation of Professor Arturo Danusso, an area in the center of Milan devastated by the Anglo-American bombing of 1943. The planning began between 1950-1951, but the ‘initial idea of an iron tower was scrapped because of the high cost of materials; between 1952 and 1955 was carried out the final design of the tower, built between 1956 and 1957 [5] with the funding of the General Society Realty.




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