What is the best seat on the plane?

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A survey of more than 1,000 regular passengers on Skyscanner reveals that the six front rows of the aircraft are popular, accumulating 45% of the vote.

According to reports by the research, the best place of all, and the most sought after is the seat 6A. From research shows that nearly 60% of respondents prefer the window, compared to that corridor. But what is the worst place.

The survey reveals that the seat that no one ever wants is the 31E, a middle seat toward the rear of the aircraft. Some passengers seem to opt for the middle section near the wings where they are less likely to feel turbulence, while others prefer the front for ease of getting to the plane, due to the lower engine noise or even less to get a better choice of food.

The window seems a popular choice for those looking to sleep, especially for long-haul flights, while those who use the bathroom often, those who want to stretch your legs, prefers the corridor.


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