Why food in the planes is so bad?

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It ‘s a question that every traveller will be asked. Because the food served on planes is so unpleasant?

It does not matter if you eat fish, chicken or pasta. Every dish served at air seems to have the same taste. Grant Mickels, the executive chef for LSG Sky Chefs Lufthansa, explains the reasons why the food on board is not good.

“At 35,000 feet, the first thing you lose is the sense of taste,” explains Mickels “nothing to do with the quality of the food and its ingredients. Another factor that plays against the taste of the food, is the lack of moisture in the air . in fact, the cabin air is recycled continuously, which is why the food in the pot cools and dries quickly.

The Fraunhofer Institute, a research institute based in Germany, has conducted several studies on why the dish tasted delicious in a restaurant does not have the same taste in flight.

In a study has been recreated the environment of an airplane, proposing a pressurized cabin with air conditioning, temperature and vibrations just like in flight.

The tests revealed that the pressurized cabin at 8,000 meters, combined with the fresh air, the lack of moisture causes changes in the taste of the food.

Because of the pressure in flight, the perception of salty (down to 30%) and the cake is distorted, and do not change the bitterness and umami. That’s why the most delicious dishes are those rich in umami, such as tomato, meat or curry.

To make matters worse we have to add also the fact that food, after being prepared, will be retained until such time as it is loaded and is served to passengers only a few hours later.

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